Keyword Research, but not for PPC

Most people think of keyword research only in terms of pay per click advertising. What they miss is that while keyword research is critical to digital marketing, pay per click is just one thing it’s good for. Any term used by someone searching on a search engine is a keyword. To find what keywords your […]

keyword research

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I’m getting good ranking of my keywords but i cant get traffic.

One of the biggest fallacies on SEO is that you need to target specific keywords to improve your traffic and, by extension, your business. Keywords. of course, are words and terms that people search on to find what they want. If you focus on just keywords and nothing else, you will have the problem that […]


Engaging with your audience in a multi-screen world

1/6th of our waking hours, we spend connected to the Internet. 78% of Internet users search online for information about products before purchase. People are looking to user generated content to form their purchasing opinions. Your web presence needs to be available to them 24/7/365 in the way they want to see it. Your website […]



What’s in Store for SEO in 2015?

2014 has seen a huge shift in Search Engine Optimization(SEO) strategy. Taking it’s lead from Google, running strong at 67% of the search market, SEO is moving away from keyword-centric to a more content-focused, user accessibility model. For several years, Google has tried to anticipate ways in which developers have attempted to “game” the search […]


Google Penguin 3.0 – Why your website may be in danger

On Friday, October 17th, Google rolled out it’s 3.0 update of the Penguin search algorithm. According to Google, the update will affect approximately 1% of all English language websites. The main component of the update deals with your website’s backlinks.  Yup, as I’ve said time and again, if you are paying some Third World company good […]


How Social Media Can Greatly Impact SEO

For years, website owners have been encouraged in a rather vague way to create social media profiles in order to aid their SEO efforts. Finally, there is a concrete way to use one specific social media platform to impact your web traffic.


Social Media Predictions for 2014

Since almost all of the major players in social media are using hashtags to aggregate content, with Facebook adding the functionality in June of 2013, I’m predicting more campaigns based around them rather than individual platforms. As recent as a year ago it was typical for marketers to add their web address and social buttons for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc to most of their advertising collateral.

social media


Tips for Succeeding with Facebook’s New Newsfeed Format

Facebook just changed it’s newsfeed and sharing formats and savvy companies are looking for ways they can maximize their exposure. Here’s a few hints in how to thrive with the new newsfeed: 1. Post More Visual Content. Facebook’s new look is flooded with enhanced images of every variety — an entire feed can be viewed […]


Social Media Marketing – It’s a new way of thinking

Social media is being used by companies large and small to connect to existing and new customers and increase business. The problem is that many companies don’t understand social media and how the game plan has changed from marketing of 10 or 15 years ago.


Marcus Interactive Website Marketing Solutions

SEO Tips

I’m asked quite often questions about what increases a website’s ranking in Google’s (and to a lesser degree, Bing’s) search engine results pages. I’ve included some of the more frequently asked questions and my answers/suggestions.


Penguins and Pandas…oh my!

You’ve read about the Panda update which caused a huge fuss some months back and now a Penquin update and you’re starting to wonder why the menagerie and what’s it all mean to you.

Searching for a hammer is a great example of Google's updates at work

The Only Constant is Change

The most important person out there is that one that finds your site, by whatever means. To give them a clear, concise, easily navigatable website is the holy grail.


Roadmap for Fixing the Academy Awards Ceremony and Show

Normally I use this space to talk about Website Marketing and how to grow your business using the latest tools and know-how. But I am also a movie lover at heart and what I’m seeing on what should be the biggest night celebrating American film drives me to write. What can be done to make […]


Browing the web with the IPad is quickly gaining share

Mobile Website Browsing

The bottom line is that surfing the web on devices other than PC’s or laptops is gaining traction and you need to be sure your website can adjust to these changes without losing business.


Starting a Business Website

Starting a website is a much more complicated matter than most people realize. I’ve listed several of the questions you should answer before beginning this journey.


Facebook Pages to Increase Business

Facebook is the single biggest online consumer audience in the world. How can you position your organization to tap into this huge marketplace? Read more and find out or contact Marcus Interactive for a free consultation.


Link Building – Forums

Bad linkage can hurt your page ranking more than good linkage can help. Relevance is the key, but while you’re at it, show off your knowledge and make your postings the go-to ones for good information.


PPC and SEO work best together

A debate has raged for some time over what is the better investment, Pay Per Click advertising or Search Engine Optimization services. I’ve always been a bit surprised about this, kinda like asking what’s best for a job interview, a nice suit or good shoes. The answer of course is both.


The Top 20 Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants on Facebook

Fast Food….no matter how much we say we hate it, it’s bad for us, yadda-yadda, we all love our special bad food spots. Here are the 20 fast food restaurants with the most LIKES on Facebook.


Link Building vs. Spam Creating

Of all the keys to a high search engine results page placement strong in-bound links is one of the most important. This has spawned an industry of link building companies. Unfortunately, the thing most website owners fail to grabs is that all in-bound links are not equal.


Taking Advantage of Facebook Fan Pages   Recently updated !

Social media is SOCIAL. It takes an investment in time. In energy. In personal investment. Create an engaging page and then post on it consitently, at LEAST once a day, if not more.

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