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A Decade of Success Helping Small Businesses Grow Marcus Interactive Digital Marketing Solutions

Project 1

We were tasked to create an engaging, SEO-driven website for a Modesto, CA Urgent Care Center. We needed an attractive mobile experience that loaded quickly and a customer could navigate easily on any platform, in any browser.

Project 2

Maintaining a brand for a nationally known doctor is not always simple. When acclaimed menopause specialist and author Dr. Tara Allmen needed to promote her new book, Menopause Confidential, she came to Marcus Interactive. Working with her publisher, agent and various network PR staff, we kept Dr. Allmen’s social network growing and on-brand.

Project 3

A Denver-based law firm was looking to decrease their reliance on Google AdWords and increase their organic search results traffic. Utilizing SEO best practices, the firm saw it’s need for costly PPC drop and website traffic increase. Clients signed from web searches more than paid for the services many times over. Subsequently, the firm retained Marcus Interactive for new website development and continued to list at the top of search engine results.

Project 4

Updated an over 100 year old New York culinary institution and managing it’s digital footprint can be a challenge. Yonah Schimmel had some negative experiences with digital marketing companies and was uncertain of a direction. But once they saw the dedication and care Marcus Interactive put into the work, the speed of updates and the professionalism, they were 100% on board. 



Marcus Interactive provides services to help your business gain a foothold online and maintain it. Contact us today about any of the following services.

  • Online Stores (E-Stores)
  • Website Statistics & Analysis
  • Web Site Maintenance
  • Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns