Meta Titles and Descriptions that People Want to Click

SEO Meta Titles

The Google search results page is often the first point of contact between your visitor and your website.

Are you making a good first impression there?

This is an example from our site:

google results meta tags

The ‘search snippet’ has 2 crucial parts:

  1. Meta title: the title of your page.
  2. Meta description: a short explanation of the content of the page.

For a good first impression, they should be the right length:

  • Meta titles: max 70 characters, including spaces
  • Meta descriptions: ideally between 150 and 170 characters, including spaces

If you make them too long, Google might cut them off.

If you make them too short, they might not give all the information Google and your visitors need.

Beyond the technical specifications, what you need to think about, most importantly, is that for your site to come up on page 1 of search results, you need to create your meta tags using terms that people are searching for your product or service. I don’t consider a search result for my business name a success, but when you Google SEO and you see my listing, I know I’m doing my job on my own site. I recommend using the KEYWORD PLANNER on Google Ads’ dashboard menu. There you can see search volume for terms related to your business that you can then use to craft your meta tags.